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  1. Was on a tablet, but now on my 27" its much better.
  2. That looks pretty sweet! About time for some pre mission planning in a game again. Just a small observation.. To my tired ass eyes, the transparent interior walls read more blurry than actually transparent. I know its all WIP of course.
  3. That was pretty damn funny!
  4. Thanks. Still a long as way to go, but at least people get a chance finally to mess with it.
  5. No, we did. It was an oversight on our part. Should be in over the weekend.
  6. One map load crash bug to go.......
  7. No worries. I need to stop taking the "length of time" part so personally. We know it sucks, it sucks for us as well. Cheers!
  8. I hear ya. Oh, and we have TactiCool! Just in case you need to really reach out and touch someone.
  9. Still not a promise. ###### happens. We make plans then something happens to one of the 2 of us working on it and before you know it a week or two goes by. Until we take money from people its just something for people to look forward to. We have a private group who has had access to the Tech Preview build for a couple months now. We allowed them to start posting screens and videos a few weeks ago. It's there, it exists. Just ask them.
  10. We haven't promised anyone anything... simply building the game within our resources and providing updates and thoughts when we can. Of course when we start taking money for it, then we will be responsible for delivering something.
  11. Thanks. We'll get there eventually.
  12. Wow that's cool! But why do I get the feeling that games are slowly becoming just frameworks for the public to fill with content? Not sure how I feel about that exactly.
  13. I knew Epic would come up with something.
  14. Yes it does! So glad they are doing something in worth while in house this time around. Not enough hours in the day to play with all the new toys.
  15. Always! We stopped getting full releases and only jump when the first hotfix comes out. But man, 4.7 is so tempting.