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  1. Ya. thanks for the update. (You look pale, leave the studio, go grab some sun...:)
  2. Kewl...but wheres the ''show new content'' button went? lol... Is it replaced with the ''unread content'' ?
  3. Thats very rude, I dont like ragdolls that much, and its just a game...jeez man, i guess theyre trying to be original and different based on their capacities to deliver and where theres many games out there.. i mean..chillout man. Have a cup of tea or somthin,...or get medication man. almost each time i see one of your post; its either to bash other games or promote ground branch in other game forums; wich i remind you has no AI or so to show so far, and still in an very early stage of any future release; entering their 10th years of developement.. EDIT: At least post a constructive comment about it, as, their effort, at least desserves it. Or go post that comment on their forums if you have the courage to do so. Are you a 3d artist or a specialist in any departement? If id be in the development team id be very ###### to see a comment like that. EDIT2: i wish you a very nice 2016 and wish you tons of lil GB updates so itll keep you busy. It looks verymuch like RvS/swat game made by a small team, i like it.
  4. (Epic pic) ^^^ Sign me up please...
  5. I know all that, and Ive I've been following them from the start... Theres always reasons, it was supposed to be avalaible few weeks after the first post about it... then nothin, then some reasons... Is that little build so bad....few weeks he said...anyway.. My point is its been like that from the start... I wish them goodluck but I have no time to hang there anymore as we dont even know if this game will ever see the light of day...
  6. Am I missing something, or..this is old news... We're still waiting on the ‘try before you buy the Early Acess'' ... I wish itll workout for them, im just tired of the postponed all the time.
  7. Cool game, mixing CQB with little oudoor environment surrounding. One down note, it wont be open to any kind of modding in the future.. EDIT: Got bored after 20 mins...repetitive run n gun gameplay...
  8. Sp and Coop....untill Sunday. http://www.coffeebreakgaming.co.uk/pc-games/early-access-investigations-interstellar-marines/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/236370/
  9. The truth is out there ...in here?
  10. Very, very interesting... There was many good questions from the people here, Thanks for answering mostly all of them. Its an early stage prototype, but im really pleased to see you are focusing on PC, SP for now, AI, in some CQB actions, with planning and gadgets, Thanks for the transparency and I hope to see it -and the interactions with the community- thru the development of the game. Very exciting project..... !!!
  11. Dude, i think we got your point... but Serellan is an indie studio and has nothin to do with GRAW3. If you want GRAW3 go post on publisher's forums ubisoft. At least, post elements you like from the game and make suggestions. The rest is totally useless. EDIT: GRIN did a goodjob on PC with the time they were allowed before the release. Their Diesel engine was not bad but has its limitations too, the physics were ok. The AI was buggy, and they keep repeating they would have need more time. ubi released an unpatched game and we were acting as betatester for several months.. but they were active on forums and tough there was a lot of flaming at the time, I think they did their best correcting the bugs and make a more enjoyable game under the ubi control. And helping the modding community. I remember when the game went out, we were barely able to hear our character walking and there was not much ambient sounds. After posting about it they made a trip to mexico to record more sounds (birds, and other stufff) and included it in the next patch. They also include the OGR cooperative mode online for the custom maps in GRAW2. I think the game has still the nicest explosions animations.. I still play GRAW2.
  12. Will it be CQB, or more open -outside environment - or a mix of both? What are gametypes in coop we can hope for? Is there any possibilities you will implement some random features in any of the missions; depending of the gametypes? (random insertions for enemies, random insertions for hostages, bombs, ect.) Will there be different time of day for the map? or day/nite version? Any possibilities to see any rain, fog or snow? Will it be open for modding? Really glad to see you guys still going, wish you bestluck...
  13. Wish you goodluck on the next project and I wish to see Serellan Team on the scene for many years to come. Things just can be better from now. Thanks for the AMA.Im hoping for more open than TD or CQB but any knid of Tac sim, ill be buying rite away.Just an art pic but very exciting... So Ill let the speculation goes.. but ill be watching any development news very closely from now. peace.
  14. Hope for fast recovery, Christian.... Havent post much here, but I wanna say that I enjoyed the game and, understand the limitations of indie studio and the hi-expectations of the community. It was a good start, hope to see you and the Team back again. It can only be better in my (humble) opinion.... peace.
  15. watchin some vids.... I guess those guys were havin fun using the mocap, haha. EDIT: Ohwell no mocap have been used so far...