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  1. I sent you a friend request. I can't promise when, but I'd like to play TD again some day. Do you have a link to your Steam group also? EDIT: Found your group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tdrsbuddies
  2. Excellent! TD had exceptionally good level designs, so it would be wonderful to be able to play those maps in Epsilon. I'm hoping that support for user-created maps will be added soon.
  3. I would prefer them to focus on first completing a minimal feature set that produces a viable game experience (i.e. MVP). I think for an FPS that would be PvP, because both Coop and SP require good enemy AI to be viable, and SP additionally requires good team AI and a good story. A viable PvP mode "only" requires good gameplay, but that's something that all the other modes need also, so it's possible to add Coop and SP modes later on without wasting any work that's done.
  4. What will be your release process? - Will there be early access and who can participate in it? - How early will the first early access version be released? (e.g. if you're not embarrased when releasing it, you've waited for too long) - How often will new early access versions be released? (e.g. weekly) - When will the 1.0 version be released? (e.g. "when it's done" / has features X, Y, Z) How will the project be financed?
  5. Which Wolfman? There are nearly 2000 with that name. Here is my Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/orfjackal Unfortunately I'm only on PC.
  6. Me too. Maybe somebody should should set a time and date for the true fans to play together, without annoying griefers.
  7. I voted for a new Tactical CQB FPS for PC. That's why I also kickstarted TD. I voted for multiplayer first, because I think that would be the fastest to implement well, but a good single player campaign would be excellent. With TD I liked co-op the most. With Rainbow Six 1-2 I liked the single player campaign the most. I chose Rainbow Six 1-3 because those I've played the most, but SWAT would also be interesting. I never played the SWAT games, but I think such a game would be a refreshing change from the typical kill-all-tangos tactical FPS. I care about Realistic Weapons Handling, AI and Mostly CQB Maps, or a nice blend of CQB and Open Maps. I think early access would give the most options for the community to affect how the game is developed. I like how Serellan is not giving up, but for the other options I can't vote for because there is still much room for improvement in the transparency/communication/community impact.
  8. Impressions from the video: Visual style good. Gameplay too generic. Needs something special to make it stand out from the crowd.
  9. Here's a summary for those who don't have time to watch it: In July 2012 the original angel investor went dark. Had to find new funding. In Fall 2012 signed a deal. In January 2013 started full development production, aimed for September 2013 release, XBLA concurrent release was part of the deal. Challenges: - Hiring solid engineers took longer than anticipated. (Due to being small team they had to be careful in hiring only top people.) - Were stuck with old version of Unreal engine and could not use newer Steam integration support, or else would have had to redo lots of audio content. - Originally had American and Indian QA teams, but in July 2013 the American team was dropped due to a dispute. Challenges with working the Indian team due to language, time difference, and the team was not experienced in testing multiplayer PC+Xbox games. - Scope of the game. In Spring it was clear that AI was sucking up a lot of time. And budget determines how much time can be used. In hindsight they should have cut away the singleplayer squad-based experience; it would have been better to have no experience than a sub-par experience. - The small game, small team message got lost. People expected Battlefield. For example had a ton more animations, but had an engineering bottleneck in getting them to the game. - Made the mistake of handing a community project like a retail product launch. Christian was occupied by too many things (e.g. different PR for the community and the press), too little time for development. - Added stress due to relatives dying and team members getting in accidents. With a 10 person team, losing 1 for a month is huge deal. - Mistake: Should have switched to early access model. QA team failed to find bugs and they were released to players, so had to focus on fixing bugs instead of adding features and working on DLC and Xbox. In early access mode the tone and tempo would have been totally different. - Mistake: Did not recognize Steam as its own community. Expected people to come to forums but they didn't, so people did not get proper answers and became unhappy. - Were inexperienced with Xbox development and Microsoft did not have proper support for indy developers back then. - Had challenges in making the game run outside Steam. In hindsight should have gone full Steam and worried about the DRM free version later, and offered to return money to those who demanded a DRM free version. - Post launch, couldn't get press to have a second look at the game. - In Spring, funding was running low. Started talking with another publisher, but they backed out. In April had to put the company on hold. Current situation: They have a prototype of a new game, on Unreal 3. Next steps are deciding what to they want to do in future. There are new platforms. Early access and indy development has had massive changes since Spring 2012. Christian will be at the forums.
  10. I too hope that you will continue making tactical shooters. The average player nowadays just doesn't have the patience for a true tactical game like TD. They just try to run and shoot through everything*. Just ignore their comments. Or better yet, design a game that teaches today's ADHD youths to be more patient (no idea how to do it, but make sure to do lots of usability testing with new players to see how they will play the game). * I just commented on a TD review where the player just did that and was frustrated because he always died in the HQ SP mission, outside insertion, in well under one minute. I gave him a link to one of our co-op gameplay videos to show the contrast. I support what Raptor and k3nny1550 said in their posts, so I'm not going to repeat them here. Just some main points for next time: Have an open alpha/beta testing phase (perhaps at a higher price, like Planetary Annihilation, to get early feedback from mostly just the true fans)Don't make an official release until "when it's done"Don't compromise the PC version because of console ports But here is one idea (thanks XJ13) for a new point of view for tactical shooters: Oculus Rift. For the next couple of years the whole industry will try to figure out how to make games for VR, so there will be lots of room for innovation. Currently we know that fast movement may cause nausea, so games like Team Fortress 2 and Quake don't port too well. But a tactical game where nobody runs or jumps might work. Though you would still need to figure out the controls for movement, turning and aiming; nothing is yet standardized for VR games. We could try including ideas from Door Kickers (thanks LordJulian). How about a tactical VR shooter where the movement is done on a tactical map (as a planning mode and/or during gameplay) and the player would only have the controls for moving forward/backward on the planned route, plus rotating in place and peeking around corners (using just Rift's 6DOF)? By restricting the ability to change your movement path in real time, it should reinforce the role of planning and using your brain. Such a game might even be controllable with just the head plus a couple of buttons (forward/backward/shoot/reload/etc.), without using a mouse (except for the planning mode, or if aiming with a mouse is better than with the head).
  11. I too would like to know that. I'm hoping that they will have a chance of creating Takedown 2 that would fix Takedown's problems.
  12. Maybe finally a game competition where I would have a chance of doing well. *wishin upon "129 hrs on record"*
  13. Good to know. But it would be best if the password option would be visible in the UI when hosting a game, so that everybody could know about it and would use it when they want a private time. Currently it's annoying when you try to join a game that the host wants to keep private, so then the host kicks or TK's you right after you get into the game (I found one such game host just moments ago).
  14. Excellent. Good settings for A&D would be 5 minute time limit and the winner of a match determined by 3 wins.
  15. Would it be possible for you to also add a server that runs Attack And Defend matches? I find that mode to be the most fun out of TD's versus modes. Thanks. P.S: Your TDM server seems to use the full maps (I saw there at least Cargo Ship, Biolab and Facility) which are too big for TDM/DM - lots of time is wasted wandering around. It's better to use the versions of the maps which have been made smaller to deathmatch purposes.
  16. Is it possible to ban players when you're hosting the game yourself, without a dedicated server?
  17. Yes, here's the info: http://www.serellan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3512-sunday-speedruns/ Lately I've been playing more Planetary Annihilation (right now on sale!) but some TD is welcome every now and then.
  18. Time: starting around 20:00 UTC every Sunday VOIP: TeamSpeak 3 How to take part: Add ORFJackal as a friend on Steam and send him a message around that time about wanting to play TD. Some goals to reach for: Killhouse Tango Hunt in less than 1 minute (see this topic), Biolab Mission in under 2 minutes (we've done it already in 2:07 with casualties) plus whatever new goals people like.
  19. That's what makes it interesting. Some extra challenge. Also, it makes fluent teamwork more important - there needs to be a good plan and everybody must follow the plan and tactics flawlessly.
  20. OK, sorry about that. I'll keep it in mind next time.
  21. Man, that's a big update. It fixes so many important issues that I don't anymore remember what issues still remain after this patch.
  22. This topic is for all players to tell that when they are typically awailable for playing TD. Please report all times in UTC timezone to make comparing them easier. Also report your location (useful to know for latency), what VOIP software you prefer, and your Steam profile. Here is my information as a template: Time: 18:00-22:00 UTC, almost any day Location: Europe/Finland VOIP: TeamSpeak Steam: ORFJackal Favorite Game Modes: Mission, Tango Hunt (especially Killhouse speedrun), Attack/Defend
  23. Here is a refined version of the tactics used to make the recent Killhouse Tango Hunt speedrun video. The main idea is to split into three groups (2 players each): one group goes to the left door, one to right door, and one to middle door. They will proceed until the first checkpoint, as shown in the video. Additionally one player (e.g. from the right group) may delay at the starting gate until the middle and right groups have reached the first checkpoint, to make sure that the middle alley stays clear. After the first checkpoint the left group splits into two: one runs upstairs, another goes through the room on their right. The one who went upstairs may throw down a couple of frags from there. Simultaneously the middle and right groups proceed to the gate under the bridge and hold there - this is the second checkpoint. One player from the middle group should go up the stairs to clear the room right from the bridge. After the left group's player has finished throwing frags from upstairs, the other players will enter through the gate and clear the remaining rooms.
  24. I just published a video about a plan for finishing Killhouse Tango Hunt in 45-50 seconds using 6 players. It should be adaptable to 5 players (remove player Middle 2) and even to 4 players (additionally remove Right 2, make Left 2 clear the room on Top Right and make Right 1 clear the rooms on Far Right). This simulated gameplay was composed out of 6 single player videos with invisibility enabled. I hope that some day record & replay will be added into the game so that we can create similar videos from real multiplayer games.