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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, just creating a thread to gather any news and drop it here. Here's the latest tweet from Christian on the matter -
  2. Hey Christian. Last week on Twitter you mentioned that you'd update us on the steam forum about how the game was coming along, etc. I realise that people over on the steam forum are aggressive and inconsiderate, so I was wondering if you could update us here instead?
  3. It is imperative that the entire game be calibrated based on its various difficulty levels and nothing more than that. I believe that Swat 4's A.I set the standard for NPC characters, so this is the goal that Serellan should be seeking. In Swat 4, the NPC reactions were unpredictable and varied and it never played the same way twice. I liked the A.I in the F.E.A.R games as well. Kicking over tables to use as cover is the one thing we have yet to see being done in any other video game but F.E.A.R. Epsilon should take the positive aspects of those two games A.I and raise the bar for close quarter shooters. Adding the enemy NPC's ability to barricade rooms like you can in R6 Siege would be a major step forward in of itself, as it has yet to be done in any game. The A.I to me, is actually the one negative in Raven Shield. Instead of actually making the enemy A.I smarter with each difficulty level, they just gave them an inhumanly quicker reaction time. This is the most bootlegged and unrealistic way to make a game more challenging and I hope you get more creative than that with the NPC's in this game. The A.I will make or break this game especially if this promises old school Rainbow Six style gameplay.
  4. I really haven't been following the game that much for the past few months and I was wonder what the current state of the game/company is?
  5. Hey everyone! I'm a new comer to the forums, so I extend a warm and friendly hello everybody on here! I think I'll preface this discussion by describing my background a little before going in depth. I've worked as a level designer for a few years now, dedicating most of my time to the Source Engine as well as Cry Engine 3 and minimally Unreal. I have a deep passion and love for game design, and have worked in other fields as well (Texturing, modeling briefly, animation as well as voice acting and even scripting.) I won't claim to be an expert, but I do have a good understanding of how game systems work and I want to say right off that bat that I believe Epsilon will be something truly special. And that I ask all of you to not come into this new IP with any prejudice or hatred, and that with this new gust of wind we take it with support for the team and the love of the game. For those of you who don't know, relationships between publishers and developers can be awfully brutal. Publishers can dictate certain game features being added or remove, not provide needed assets and even force games into early completion when they're unfinished and unpolished. Takedown was, and I believe this truly within my heart, a game that had massive potential to become the successor to the titans of the tactical market (Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.) But having watched the post-Takedown release video as well as having played the game and confirming my own theories I think it's undeniable that the game was rushed much to quickly out of development and onto shelves. Given Christian Allen's development experience (Several Ghost Recon titles, Halo: Reach and even Shadow of Mordor) I know he could make a great game. He's done it fantastically for years, and his team is by no means a bunch of "amateurs" as I saw them being labeled by in YouTube comments. I believe that if the team had more time to polish, expand and develop their vision the game would've been absolutely stunning. And so with the new year, a new IP and the well deserved artistic freedom to create the vision they didn't get the chance to originally I hope Epsilon becomes something of a flagship for Serellan. I know they're a group of talented, and hard working game developers. Beyond the flaws of Takedown stood a model that I believe with work, could be great. And I think now is no better time for them to finally bridge that gap, and make something that the tactical community has been so eagerly waiting for. So as a community I'd like to urge everyone to come into the project with open arms, embracing development as it comes and remaining critical in a positive manor, judging the game for what it is and the personality it bleeds. And so with 2015, I wish Serellan the best of luck in their new project! I'm confident something great will be achieved, and with the support of the already fantastic community I know something great will come about.
  6. From Wikipedia: Project Scope"The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions."Let's look at what we know so far on Project Epsilon(PE): New Logo from Serellan Facebook: - A sci-fi, anime-inspired tactical shooter Source: http://nichegamer.net/2015/02/christian-allen-interview-swatting-scrapped-game-concepts-and-jet-fuel/ - Developed on Unreal Engine 4: Source: http://www.serellan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3737-what-is-project-pi/?hl=%2Bunreal+%2Bengine - Currently 8 people are working on PE Source: https://twitter.com/Serellan/status/558853392575913984 - Early access model, fully self-financed. Source: http://nichegamer.net/2015/02/christian-allen-interview-swatting-scrapped-game-concepts-and-jet-fuel/ - Platform: PC Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2sk78u/i_am_game_designer_christian_allen_ask_me_anything/cnq9usl Based on these facts, what are your expectations? Do you expect another TD with full SP, Co-op & PvP modes? Or will you settle for something small and simple from a small indy studio that they are? My personal opinion is that they should stick to something with a small scope, like PvP modes to start off with initially. Then perhaps slowly start to build on that foundation and expand other features. I know loads of you here want that classic R6 SP/Coop experience vs AI, but I don't think they have the resources to pull it off given the result of TD. Maybe I'm wrong and they learned a thing or two, but that's my mindset after TD. They tried so hard to cater to everyone with limited resources and ended up with a not so nice launch. Back to scope, limiting specific features leaves you with more time and resources to refine and make sure these features work properly. Hence, my wish is that they go for a lethal first person view CQB tactical shooter with only PvP. But I still loved Microsoft Sam text to speech, 10/10. What is your wish? Edit: Added sources. Please note nothing is 100% set in stone.