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How to report In-Game Physics Abuse

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Wargaming is aware that there are a few players out there that want to ruin everyone gaming experience. We understand how frustrating this can be as we have seen the same things in-game. With your help, we can take actions on players like this and teach them un-sportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.

XBox One, 360 and the PS4 all have limitations for player recording gameplay and because of these set limitations; we have modified our abuse policies to work with these available features.

After you have recorded the actions, you would like support to look at, please submit a support ticket and provided us a link to where the video can be found: XBox DVR, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Once this video has been reviewed by our staff that is trained in handling Physics abuse for all of our products, they will take actions against these players.

  For More Details

   animated introduction video

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